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How To Quickly Fix Broken Roof Shingles?

Key Takeaways:

  • Roof shingles that are broken, cracked, or discolored can be a warning sign of a serious issue with your roof.
  • Reasons for broken or curled shingles include storms and hail, critters, and normal wear and tear.
  • To replace a damaged roof shingle, you will need a hammer, utility knife, flat pry bar, and roofing nails.
  • Use a pry bar or crowbar to remove the nails from the damaged shingle and pull out the damaged shingle.
  • Replace with new shingle by removing covering and pressing into position before nailing it down.
  • To fix curled or loose asphalt shingle: apply glue beneath the corner & hold down the masonry block until dry.
  • If you find water seeping under the shingles and damaging the wood sheathing beneath, it is best to call roofing experts.

It’s an all-too-familiar sight for homeowners—roof shingles that are broken, cracked, or discolored. Not only are broken roof shingles an eyesore that can affect your home’s curb appeal, but they can also be a sign of a serious issue with your roof. So how do you fix those pesky shingles? Read on for an easy-to-follow guide on repairing broken roof shingles quickly and easily.

Reasons For Broken or Curled Shingles:

Storms And Hail

Wind and other types of turbulence can cause shingles to fly off your roof and cause debris, such as tree branches and boulders, to fracture, pierce, or fall on your shingles. After a big storm, it’s critical to do a roof check to ensure your roofing system is still in good condition.

Hail may be extremely damaging to asphalt shingles, causing bruising and fissures and the loss of shingles granules.


Squirrels, for example, can cause damage to your roof. They might rip your shingles or chew through your decking. To avoid roof damage from rodents, keep the trees surrounding your home trimmed, so squirrels don’t have an easy jumping point from a tree to your roof.

Normal Wear and Tear

Asphalt shingles have a normal lifespan of 15 to 30 years. Even if you maintain your roof regularly, your shingles may blister, crack, or peel as they age.

How Often Can You Replace Your Shingles?

Any indicators of damage or deterioration require prompt attention to prevent water from seeping under the shingles and damaging the wood sheathing beneath. Ignoring an issue, no matter how minor, may hasten the need to re-roof and can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a new roof.

It’s time to replace your roof if it’s more than 20 years old and most shingles are broken or worn. However, if your roof is in good condition and has a reasonably shallow pitch that you’re comfortable working on, you should be able to undertake most repairs yourself.

Roof Shingle Replacement

It is a unique process. The costs vary depending on the kind of shingles and the number of shingles necessary to complete the repair. Roofing cement is used to hold shingles in place, and removing cemented shingles requires the skills of a professional roofer with the tools and know-how. Metal shingles on your roof are firmly placed with fasteners that require precise installation. If you make a DIY repair mistake, you have created an opportunity for water to enter. Delegating the installation/repair procedure to a roofing professional with knowledge and familiarity is preferable.

How To Replace Damaged Roof Shingles?

Tools required: A hammer, a utility knife, a flat pry bar, and a handful of roofing nails.

Step 01: If a shingle is missing in part, you must replace the entire piece. First, check whether you have leftover shingles from the last time you worked on the roof. If not, you can buy a bundle of three-tab shingles from a home improvement store or lumberyard. Choose the closest pattern if you can’t find a perfect match.

Step 02: Begin by slipping the pry bar or crowbar under the shingle above the damaged one and carefully raising it to remove it from the sealant strip.

As a general rule, remove at least five tabs above the damaged “3-tab” shingle from the second row. Remove enough shingles to expose the nails of all the damaged shingles that must be removed below.

Step 03: Push the pry bar upward through the damaged shingle. Remove the pry bar once the nail has popped up about 1/4 inch, press the shingle down, and take out the nail. Repeat this step for the remaining three nails.

Step 04: Then, with the pry bar positioned just above the damaged shingle, remove the second row of nails similarly. Pull out the damaged shingle after tugging all eight nails.

Step 05: Replace the shingle that was removed with a new shingle. Remove the covering and press the shingles into position, then nail them to attach them if they are backed with an adhesive strip. Most shingles include pre-cut nail holes, often three per shingle. Follow the instructions for the shingles you buy, or use the other shingles on your roof as a reference.

How To Fix Curled or Loose Shingles?

Asphalt shingles’ corners frequently curl downward or upward as they age. If you observe a shingle curling, you may prevent it from curling further by gluing down the curled part.

Apply a little roofing sealant under the corner with a caulking gun. Use a basic masonry block to hold down the glued corner; it should work to attach the shingle back down, and you’ve completed a roof repair.


How To Repair Cracked Roof Shingles?

If a shingle is only cracked or torn, repair it rather than replace it.

Step 01: Begin by placing a thick bead of roofing sealant beneath the crack.

Step 02: Apply a second sealant layer on top of the crack and press the shingle down. The sealant should next be spread using a putty knife.

Step 03: The best thing is that no one needs to know you did it. It’s simple to conceal: look for an accumulation of colored granules washed down the roof from the shingles in the gutter. Then, put some in a tiny cup and sprinkle it over the sealant to conceal the repair.

Ending Note:

If the problems with your roof are beyond your ability, don’t be afraid to contact a roofing specialist. Contact a professional immediately if you see water marks or stains in your attic. Your roofing system is in danger, and a prompt repair can reverse the situation.

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