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Your Quick Guide To Fixing Broken Roof Shingles

Key takeaways:

  • Broken roof shingles are a common problem that homeowners face.
  • There are several reasons why roof shingles may get loose or break, including severe weather, age, and improper installation.
  • Broken roof shingles can be fixed by replacing the damaged shingle or by patching it with roof sealant.
  • It’s always recommended to call professional roofers for the best and most long-lasting results.

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t give much thought to your roof until there’s a problem. And by then, it’s often too late. One of the most prevalent problems with roofs is broken shingles. This can be caused by various things, such as wind, hail, or even age. If you have broken roof shingles, don’t worry – you can fix them!

This guide by Curvelo Restorations will explain the basics of how to identify a broken roof shingle and fix it quickly and easily.

What Are Roof Shingles?

Roof shingles are overlapping rectangular tiles that are used to cover pitched roofs. They are typically made of asphalt, fiberglass, and slate. They come in various colors as they provide an aesthetic appeal to your home. They also come in different textures.

Why Do Shingles Break?

There are many reasons why shingles can break. The most common reason is age; over time, they will start to deteriorate and crack. Other causes include extreme weather conditions such as hail or high winds, which can cause the shingles to dislodge or break. Broken shingles can also be caused by animals, such as squirrels or raccoons, climbing on top of the roof and damaging the shingles.

How To Fix Broken Roof Shingles

Replacing broken roof shingles is a relatively easy process. Here are a few steps you can follow:

Step 01: Inspect Your Roof for Any Damage

Climb a ladder and carefully scan your roof for any cracked, curled, or missing shingles.

Caution: If you have a steep roof, it is better to leave shingle repair to professionals. Falling off a ladder or your roof can lead to severe injuries.

Step 02: Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

Once you have located the damaged area, you will need to gather the following items:

  • Pry bars
  • A hammer
  • Roofing nails
  • Roof cement or tar
  • Roofing sealant
  • Asphalt shingles

You might need to hire specialists to manage the damage if it is severe.

If The Damage Is Not Severe:

Step 03: Try Roofing Sealant.

If the shingle is only lightly cracked or broken, don’t replace it entirely. Using roof sealant will do the trick. First, lift the shingle with a putty knife. Then, apply a thick line of roofing sealant beneath the shingle. Press the shingle back into place and smooth over the sealant. Putting some weight on the shingle after applying the roof sealant is advisable.

Finally, gather some granules from your eavestrough and generously sprinkle them over the crack to conceal the repair.

Step 03: Try Roofing Sealant.

If The Damage Is Severe:

Step 04: Replace the Shingle

If the shingle is severely cracked or broken, you’ll need to replace it entirely. Replacing a roof shingle is not difficult, but it is time-consuming:

  • Use a putty knife to remove the nails that are holding the damaged shingle in place.
  • Slide out the old shingle and insert the new one in its place. Secure the new shingle with nails, then apply roof sealant to the cracks around it.
  • Sprinkle some granules over the repair to conceal it.

Step 05: Check the Other Shingles & Roofing Materials

Once you’ve fixed the broken shingle, inspect the rest of your roof. Are there any other shingles that are cracked or damaged? If so, carry out the above steps until all the damage has been repaired. Make sure that all the shingles are lying flat and that there are no gaps or spaces where water could potentially leak through.

In addition to shingles, check for any damaged flashing or gutters. These components are also crucial to the integrity of your roof. Once you’re satisfied, sit back and enjoy your newly repaired roof!

How To Maintain Your Roof Shingles

Broken roof shingles are often caused by severe weather conditions or old age—however, here are some measures you can take to protect them:

  • Inspect your roof regularly, at least twice a year. Look for the signs of roofing damage and replace them as necessary.
  • Keep any trees near your home trimmed to prevent limbs from falling and damaging your roof.
  • Schedule an annual professional inspection to catch any potential problems early on.

How Frequently Should You Replace Your Roof Shingles

While the lifespan of a roof shingle varies depending on the material, most last between 15 and 30 years. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to perform any maintenance during that time. Regularly inspect your roof for indications of wear and tear or damage.

Any wear or damage calls for immediate repair to avoid water seeping beneath the shingles and harming the wood sheathing underneath. Ignoring an issue, no matter how minor it may appear, can drive up the price of a new roof by hundreds of dollars and accelerate the need for replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Shingles on a Roof?

Roof shingle damage repair doesn’t have to be expensive. If you do it yourself, all you’ll need to spend money on are the items listed above. If your roof is steep, you might also need a roof jack. But with time, these expenses will increase.

Why Is It Best to Call a Professional for Your Roof Shingle Repair?

Hiring a trained roofing contractor is always the wisest action when your roof has sustained serious damage. A professional roofing contractor will know how to identify the source of the shingle damage and make effective and safe repairs. You won’t have to buy all the items above. They will have the necessary tools and materials to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Ending Note:

While it is possible to repair your broken roof shingles, it is always best to call a professional.

Curvelo Restorations serving Roswell can help! We are professionals in roof repair and can locate and resolve any issue your roof may be experiencing. We’ll work quickly and skillfully to get your house back in tip-top shape, so you can stop worrying about the severe weather conditions and start enjoying your favorite place!

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